2048kg/h MAF Sensor Switch

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MS43 MAF Sensor Handling in IDA

When your engine setup needs measuring mass airflows higher than 1024kg/h you have to modify the program code of your ECU.

Modifiying program code is dangerous and should only be done by people who knows how to recover a bricked ECU.

You have two options to change the MAF limit:

First way is the recommended way, upgrade to firmware version 0110C6 on MS42 or 430069 on MS43 and use the MS42 / MS43 Community Patchlist.

Second way is to apply the patch manually with a HEX editor.

Therefor you have to change the bytes listed below according to the software version from "4E" (1024kg/h) to "3E" (2048kg/h) and set the conversion factor in the TunerPro MAF table to "0.03125*X"

MAF reading limit offset for MS42
Firmware Location 1 Location 2
011025 0x3D41B 0x3D43F
0110AB 0x71F3D 0x71F61
0110AD 0x71F3D 0x71F61
0110C6 0x75161 0x75185
0110C7 0x75161 0x75185
0110CA 0x75161 0x75185
MAF reading limit offset for MS43
Firmware Location 1 Location 2
430037 0x3D719 0x3D73D
430055 0x413A3 0x413C7
430056 0x3D8A3 0x3D8C7
430064 0x3E0E5 0x3E109
430066 0x3B4C3 0x3B4E7
430069 0x3B4C3 0x3B4E7

Either way you have to recalculate the program code checksums inside the 512kByte file even if you use files with deactivated checksums for the calibration area. MS4X Flasher does this automatically.