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These functions are only accessable by purchasing a license file.

This is not yet available, stay tuned here. Please don't write any emails until it's done!


This feature needs licencing.

Full working Alpha/N workaround finished! The ECU behaves like stock, all adaptations work, cruise works fine, rev-matching also works fine!

Note: Only suppressing the DTCs and disconnecting the MAF will result in a not starting engine.

Alpha/N map

Boost-Control Assist

Stay tuned!


TunerPro depiction of Flexfuel

This feature needs licencing.

Implementing an ethanol content sensor from your favorite brand is now possible. You´ll be getting all the benefit from ethanol based fuel and you can tune it to your needs.

Spark advance and injection quantity can be tuned to your car individually. You can even see the current ratio displayed in the cluster prior engine start.

!ALL-NEW Launch Control!

This feature needs licencing.

Fully integrated launch control assist with either fuel- or ignition* cut!

Fully adjustable rpm setpoint during the ride, controlled by the multifunction buttons on the steering wheel.

Cars without MFL** have two software adjustable rpm setpoints (for example tarmac vs. gravel or sunny vs. wet) selected by A/C button.

* Reminder: Using ignition cut in a vehicle equipped with catalytic converters will instantly toast them! Therefore the ECU picks the right option for your car.

** ECU auto-select the option depending on the cars hardware

M3 Cluster Multifunction Gauge

This feature needs licencing.

Using the oil temperature gauge from your M3 cluster to switch between oil temp, exhaust gas temp, wideband lambda, boost gauge, etc.

Option is under development.

Variable Speed Limiter

This feature needs licencing.

Using the cruise control in serpentine area sometimes is cumbersome as the cruise will be deactivated when breaking, but sometimes it´ll be nice to have the security of being protected against speed traps. Another possible use would be speed limits on the track or something.

To engage the variable speed limiter make shure cruise control is deactivated (green led must not light). Accelerate the car to the speed you wanna set as speed limit and push the (-) cruise control button once. The car will then be limited at that speed until you either do a power cycle of the ecu or push (+) to release the variable speed limiter.

Variable Engine Usage

MS43 starts to grow and to become universal applicable. The next big feature is the ability to change the number of cylinders the MS43 can be used for.

Development for four cylinder engines is ongoing, stay tuned for this awesome feature.

Universal engine calibration

Rev-Match Assist

Fully integrated assist to make downshifts not only sound better, but also make them easier.

The rev-match assist calculates to desired rpm when shifting one gear at the time downwards and blips the throttle to the calculated setpoint. You just need to push the brakes slightly and when your opening the clutch the assist will take care of the engine speed.

Safety features are implemented which take care of difficult situations like emergency brake where you definately don´t want a high reving engine.

Water Methanol Injection

This feature needs licencing.

Using one of the spare outputs from your MS43 to activate water cooling or water meth injection based on load or tps°. Highly customizable, therefore user dependant!