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Here is an overview of connectors used in the engine harness or aftermarket upgrades.

Feel free to add partnumbers if you find them useful.

Sensor Connectors

BMW M54 MAF Sensor (MS43)

3-pin Junior Mini Timer 2.8mm

Plug: 12521427222 (BMW)

Pin: 12521427612

Cover: 12521707749

Pin 1 M_HFM (Sensor Ground)
Pin 2 A_HFM (MAF Signal Output)
Pin 3 U_HR (+12V Voltage Input)
BMW M54 MAF Sensor (MS45)

Plug: 12527512935 (BMW) (Sealing grommet to go with the plug is part # 61138366245)

Pin: 12527545852

Pin 1 +5V Voltage Input?
Pin 2 +12V Voltage Input?
Pin 3 A_HFM (MAF Signal Output)
Pin 4 Unused
Pin 5 M_HFM (Sensor Ground)
Pin 6 IAT Sensor Output
BMW B58 TMAP Sensor (13628637900)

Plug: 18302411427 (BMW) (8 509 441-02)

AliExpress: 7549032-02

Pin 1 A_TNDK (Temperature Signal After Throttlebody)
Pin 2 U_5V_2 (Sensor Supply Voltage +5V)
Pin 3 M_PNDK (Sensor Ground)
Pin 4 A_PNDK (Absolute Pressure Signal After Throttlebody)
Audi RS4 (B5) MAF Sensor (0280218067)

Plug: 1J0973775A (VAG)

Socket: 1J0973824 (VAG)

Pin 1 IAT Sensor Output
Pin 2 +12V Input Voltage
Pin 3 Common Ground
Pin 4 +5V Input Voltage
Pin 5 MAF Sensor Output
Mercedes M275 MAP Sensor (Bosch 0051537228)

Other part # for sensor: 0261230191

Plug: 61132359998 (BMW) / 968402-1 (TE)

Pin 1 +5V Input Voltage
Pin 2 Signal Output
Pin 3 Sensor Ground

Throttle Body Connectors

BMW M54 Throttle Body

Plug: 1J0973713 (VAG) / 12527505669 (BMW)

Socket: 3B0973813 (VAG)

Pin 1 A_DKG1 (Potentiometer 1)
Pin 2 U_DKG (Sensor Supply Voltage +5V)
Pin 3 T_MDK1 (Actuator 1)
Pin 4 A_DKG2 (Potentiometer 2)
Pin 5 T_MDK2 (Actuator 1)
Pin 6 M_DKG (Sensor Ground)
BMW B58 Throttle Body (13548623324)

The B58 throttle body adapts perfectly to MS43 and can therefore be used on a B58 manifold that has been adapted for use on an M5X engine.

Plug: 12527635615 (BMW)

Pins: 61138600419 (BMW)

Pin 1 T_MDK1 (Actuator 1)
Pin 2 T_MDK2 (Actuator 2)
Pin 3 A_DKG1 (Hall Sensor 1)
Pin 4 M_DKG (Sensor Ground)
Pin 5 U_5V_1 (Sensor Supply Voltage +5V)
Pin 6 A_DKG2 (Hall Sensor 2)