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Here is an overview of community made files for the MS42 and MS43. Please note our disclaimer

Do not, under no circumstances, upload any copyrighted tuning files here. We will delete them immediately!




EWS deletes

The following files are made for M52TUB28 engines. After flashing the EWS deleted binary, you can overwrite it with you partial tune section.





The E39 5-series was already out of production when the MS430069 hit the streets, so we ported over the calibration data from 66 to the 69 code base.


  • LHD (left hand drive) and RHD (right hand drive) differ in exhaust gas temperatur models because of the different catalytic converter configuration.
  • US and EU differ in diagnosis configuration.
  • These files are fully compatible with the MS4X Community Patchlist

Please use the most suiting file according to your needs:

  • E53 X5-series


These are the older original Files from the MS43 Tuning Thread on e46fanatics.

They are listed here for archival reasons, Please consider using the MS430069 files and the patchlist instead.