Flash Emulator Firmware

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The firmware files for you find on this page are pre modified and only intended for flash emulation usage.

We put quite some time into the development of these files. If you use the emulator firmware commercially, please consider a donation to MS4X.

All file checksums are deactivated and the immobilizer function is bypassed for uncomplicated live tuning and programming.

If you want to convert an existing binary file, make sure that you update to a supported version first.

Supported Versions:

  • Siemens MS42: 0110C6
  • Siemens MS43: 430069
  • Siemens SMG2: 510

We created another patchlist containing only patches for emulator usage: MS4X_Flash_Emulation_Firmware_Patchlist.xdf

Siemens MS42


  • E38 7-series

Siemens MS43


  • E36/7 Z3-series
  • E53 X5-series

Siemens SMG2



  • E46 M3
    • S54B32: ECE || US || JAP
  • E46 M3 CSL
    • S54B32HP: ECE (CSL)