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For reading and writing the memory (flash) chips on the ECU you have to use specialized tools.

Luckily there are a variety of flashtools available for free these days. All of the following programs will work for MS42 & MS43 ECUs.

The bootloader area containing EWS key, UIF, etc can ONLY be overwritten in bootmode, regardless of which software used.

Credits of all Chipster software belongs to Kim Freding. Rest in Peace.

MS4X Dev Group Flasher

  • On-the-fly checksum correction before flashing
  • Checksum correction for local files
  • EWS3 sync and reset
  • Adaptions reset
  • DTC read and clear
  • DS2 command sender
  • 64 KByte read/write (~20 seconds)
  • 512 KByte read/write (~120 seconds)
  • To generate a computer specific key file, head over to https://activation.ms4x.net
  • Archive Password: ms4x
  • Download MS4X Dev Group Flasher v1.1.3

MS4X Flasher2.png

JMGarage Flasher

  • Use this only for virginizing, cloning or backing up the ECU
  • Bootmode required (open the ECU and ground boot pin)
  • No automatic checksum correction
  • Only 512 KByte read/write (with seed keys, ISN, etc.)
  • In order to have a successful connection with the DME every time, set the latency time for the Com Port to 16ms.
  • Download 2017 version

JMG Flasher.png

Chipster MSS5x Flasher

MSS5X Flasher.png

MS41 ECU Flasher and EWS Delete

Chipster MS42 Checksum Corrector

MS42 Checksum Corrector.png

Chipster MS43 Checksum Corrector

MS43 Checksum Corrector.png

Galletto 1260

  • No checksum correction
  • Only 64 KByte read/write
  • No download due to legal reasons

Galetto 1260.png