Live Tuning Options

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Live Tuning means you can change tables and values of the ECU calibration ('tune') with the engine running. Ideally without any lag and instant feedback from the engine operation.

This helps with dyno tuning and eliminate the need for restarting the car and flash between each runs. Basically there are two ways of changing values on-the-fly:

A) Modern ECUs have enough RAM available to have whole tables or even the complete calibration data stored there and modifyable. Even BMW moved some values and maps to the RAM while the cars where in developement, but never the whole calibration, because MS42 and MS43 are short of free RAM space.
B) By emulating the whole flash memory with an addon device.

Thankfully by today there are fast microcontrollers available to handle option B with ease.

Some hardware hackers decided to develope solutions for flash emulation, giving us some options on the market that work for MS43 out of the box:

Warning: Because these devices can alter values in the firmware code and calibration data area you need to disable all checksums and immobilizer functions before they work.

We made preconfigured firmware files available for download here: Flash Emulator Firmware