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[[Definition Files]]
[[Definition Files]]
[[Flash Files MS42]]
[[Firmware Files]]
[[Flash Files MS43]]
[[TunerPro MS42 Community Patchlist]]
[[TunerPro MS42 Community Patchlist]]

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Welcome to the MS4X Wiki

Thanks to the massive community around the Siemens MS4 ECU generations this wiki is growing very fast.

Because of gaining more and more content, we had to start seperation of the ECU specific topics and keep common things together.

This means we seperate topics like flashing tools, tuning programs, bootmode activivation, etc. which are the same for all ECU models into own pages.

So don't be confused when common topics disappear out of the huge ECU pages and look for cross references. In addition to that we create a table of content right here below.


First steps and requirements

How to connect


Siemens MS42

Siemens MS43

Siemens MS45


Flashing Tools

Definition Files

Firmware Files

TunerPro MS42 Community Patchlist

TunerPro MS43 Community Patchlist

Aftermarket upgrades:

Daniel_F. Special Functions

Forced Induction Upgrades

Fuel Injector Deadtimes

MAF Sensor Scalings