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Here you will find a relatively complete list of all the specific Siemens keywords that are used to describe maps and constants.

You will get used to it faster than you might think because most of them are self explaining.

Keyword Definition
0, 1, … index 0, 1, …
A, B, … index A, B, …
AAI air assisted injector
ABC anti-bounce counter
ABS antilock breaking system
ABSV absolute value
AC acceleration
ACC air conditioning compressor
ACCIN air conditioning compressor request signal
ACCOUT air conditioning compressor request output signal
ACF activated charcoal filter
ACIN airconditioning request signal
ACK acknowlege
ACLS airconditioning load signal
ACP airconditioning pressure
ACPPWM air condition pressure PWM
ACQ acquisition
ACR actuator
ACT active
AD adaptive
ADC advance (early)
ADD additive
ADJ ajustment
ADR address
AE acceleration enrichment
AEB active engine brackets
AETCU autarchic electronic transmission control unit
AFL air fuel lean
AFR air fuel rich
AFS air fuel stoichiometric
AGI aging
AI air injection
AIRB airbag
AJ anti-jerk-funtion
ALS alarm system
ALTER alternator
ALTI altitude
ALTPWM alternatorpwm
AM ambient
AMP ambeint pressure
AMPL amplitude
AN analog
ANTI anti
APP application generated parameter
AR area
ARP air rail pressure
AS application system
ASA after sale service
ASC asynchromous serial communication interface
ASR anti slip regulation
AST after-start
AT automatic shifted transmission
ATJS automatic transmision jump start
AUT automatic
AUTH authorize
AV actual value
AVL available
BACK back
BAS base
BD burning duration
BDC bottom dead center
BEG begin
BFS bi fuel switch
BHC burner fuel catalysist
BIT bit
BLS brake light switch
BOFF bus off mode
BOL bottom limit
BOOT boot
BOP boost pressure (diesel)
BPAPWM pwm of boost pressure ajustem (diesel)
BRAKE brake
BRI bridge contact
BTS brake test witch
BUF buffer
BUZ buzzer
BWL Byte word long
BYTE byte
C calibration data changeable with the application system
CAL calibration
CALL call
CAM camshaft
CAN controlled area network
CAP charge air pressure
CASE case
CAST cold after start
CAT catalyst
CBG continous gearbox
CBK cylinder bank
CC converter clutch
CCH combustion chamber heating function
CDN condition
CEI combustion efficiency index
CFA cooling fan
CFB current feedback
CFM confirmation
CH catalyst heating
CHG change
CHK check
CIS carried idle switch
CKS checksum
CL canister load
CLC calculated
CLDT cold test
CLK clock
CLOSE close
CLR clear
CLU clutch
CMB combustion
CMD command
CMP compression
CMT comfort manual transmission
CNL cancel
CNV convection
COD code
COL collector
COLD cold
COM communication
COMP comparison
CON constant
CONC concentration
CONF configuration
CONV converter
COP catalyst overheating prevention
COR correction
CORD coordination
CP canister purge
CPL complement
CPP canister purge pump
CPPWM pulse width modulation of canister-purge
CPS canisgter purge solenoid
CQ characteristic quantity
CR controlled reset
CRASH crash
CRIT critical
CRK crankshaft/crankshaft angle
CRLC correlation constant
CRU cruise control
CRUS cruise control switch
CS clutch switch
CSI cold start injectors
CST cold start
CT closed throttle
CTC clamped tube check
CTL control
CTR counter
CTS closed throttle switch
CUR current
CUS customer
CVC canister vent check
CWP cooling water pump
CYC cycle
CYNCR number of cycles
CYL cylinder
D differential parts of PID
DAMP damping
DC driving cycle
DCC distance cruise control
DE deviation
DEAC deactivation
DEC decrementation
DECE deceleration
DELTA delta
DEP depression
DET detection
DEV development
DFCT defective
DFT default
DGO diagnostic output
DHL down hill
DHP dashpot
DI disable
DIAG diagnosis
DIAGCP diagnosis canister purge
DIAGCPS diagnosis canister purge solenoid
DIF diffrence
DIG digital
DIGIS digital idle speed stabilization with ignition
DIP differential pressure
DIR direction
DIRE directory
DIS discrete
DISP display
DIST distance
DIV division
DL data line
DLL data link layer
DLY delay
DOWN down
DPS diagnostic power stage
DR driver (HW)
DRI Drive (Gear engaged)
DRIFT drift
DRIV driver
DROF drive off
DRV0 static value
DRV1 derivative 1
DRV2 derivative 2
DS diagnostic service
DS2 DS2 protocol (BMW)
DSK disk
DSLIP deceleration slip
DT drive train
DTC diagnostic trouble code
DTP differential fuel tank pressure
DUCY duty cycle
DUI dual injection
DUMMY dummy
DUR duration
DVC device
DYN dynamic
DYNO dynamometer
DYW dynamic window
EBOX electronic housing
ECF electronically controlled cooling fan
ECFPWM electronic coolant fan PWM
ECT electronically controlled thermostat
ECTPWM electronically controlled thermostat
ECU electronic control unit
EDGE edge
EDIT edit
EF exhaust flasp
EFC effective
EFF efficiency
EFP electric fuel pump
EG exhaust gas
EGBP exhaust gas back pressure
EGR exhaust gas recirculation
EGRPWM PWM of exhaust gas recirculation
EGRV egr valve
EGY energy
EHC electrical heated catalyst
EL electricle
EMS engine management system
ENA enable
END end
ENG engine
ENVD environmental Data
ENA end of air
EOF end of filling (diesel)
EOI end of injection
EOL end of line
EOLP end of line programming
EP enrichment potentiometer
EQU equal
EQUIP equipment
ER engine roughness
ERR error
ERU engine running
ES engine stop
ESB enable symtop byte
ESP electronic stability program
ESS engine speed signal
ESTIM estimated
ET emission test
ETC electronic throttle control
ETCU electronic transmission control unit
ETCUPWM electronic transmission control unit PWM
EVAP evaporative system
EVE event
EVSL engine vehicle speed limiter
EWRN error warning status mode
EX Exhaust
EXO exotherm
EXPV expansion valve
EXT external
EXV exhaust valve
FAC factor , coefficient
FAC factor, coefficient
FAD fuel air delay
FALL falling
FAN fan
FAST fast
FB feed back
FCO fuel consumption
FCOPWM fuel consumption PWM
FCT funtional
FCUT Fuel cutoff
FDIN fade in
FDOUT fade out
FE fuel enrichment
FIL filter
FILE file
FINE fine
FIRST first
FL full load
FLL flash light
FLOOD flood
FLOW flow
FLS flash
FLIC fluctuation
FM frequency modulation
FMT format
FMY failure memory
FN front
FOL follower
FP fast pulse
FPA fuel pressure actuator
FPAPWM fuel pressure PWM
FPS fuel pressure sensor
FPV flash programming voltage enable (switch)
FRC frequency counter
FRF freeze frame
FRQ frequency
FRS fuel reserve signal (4-liter-signal)
FSD fuel system diagnosis
FTL fuel tank level
FUC fuel cap
FUEL fuel
FUP fuel pressure
FW freewheeling
GAC actual gear code
GAIN gain
GAP gap
GAS gas
GB gear box
GC gear change
GCB gear change begin
GCD gear change duration
GEAR gear
GEN generator
GENC generator charge connection
GL glow
GND ground
GP gear protection
GR gear ration
GRD gradient/slope
GS gearshift signal
GSC gearshift characteristic
GSPWM gearshift signal PWM
H high
HAST hot after start
HB high byte
HC hydro carbon
HCHPWM PWM of HC heater
HD header
HDLP head lamp
HEAT heat
HFM hot film air mass meter
HIV heater inlet valve
HLD hold
HOM homogeneous
HOT hot
HPF hight pass filter
HST hot start
HTP heating performance
HYS hysteresis
I Integral part of PID
I2C I2C Bus (similar SPI)
IC integrated circuit
ICL intrement cluster
ICO intercooler
ID index table with arbitary many imputs without interpolation
IDM ID table which is used in different modules with different input data
IDX index
IF interface
IGA ignition angle
IGC ignition coil
IGCFB ignition current feedback
IGK ignition key
IGN ignition
IL interactive layer
ILSH current in the lambda sensor heater
IM intake manifold
IMOB immobilizer
IMP impulse
IN intake
INC increase
IND individual
INDU inductive
INF intercept function
INFO information
INH inhibition
INI initialization
INJ injection
INP input
INT integral
INTER intermediary
INTM intermittent
INTR interrupt
INTV intervention
INV intake valve
IP index table with arbitrary amounut of inputs with interpolation
IPLSL pumping current of LSL
IPLSLPWM PWM of pumping current of LSL
IPM IP table which is used in different modules with different input data
IPS idle position sensor
IS idle speed
ISA idle speed actuator
ISAPM pulse width modulation of idle speed actuator
ISC idle speed controler
IT internal
ITC Integration time constant
IV injction valve
IVS invers
IVVT infinetly variable valve timing
IVVTHPWM holding pulse width modulation of infinetly variable valve timing
IVVTPWM pulse width modulation of ininetly variable valve timing
JAM jam
JERK jerk
JUMP jump-start
KD kick down
KGH kilogram per hour
KM kilometer
KNK knock control
KNKS knock control signal
KNKWB beginning of knock control window
KNKWD knock control window duration
KNKWE end of knock window
KWP keyword protocol 2000 (KWP2000)
L low
LAM lamda controler
LAMB lambda
LAT lateral
LB low byte
LBG line breakage
LC logic calibration data
LD loading degree determination
LDC limited dynamic conditions
LDP list of data points
LDPM repeatedly used list of data points
LE left
LEN length
LEVEL level
LFC long fuel circulation
LGD low gear detection
LGRD limiting gradient
LGT longitudinal
LID local identifier
LIH Limp home
LIM limitation
LINP logical input
LOAD load
LOADPWM load output
LOC local variable
LOCK lock
LOIL oil level
LOILOWM oil level PWM
LOSS loss
LOST lost
LOUT logical output
LPF low pass filter
LS lambda sensor
LSCL lambda sensor close loop
LSH lambda sensor heater
LSHPWM pulse width modulation of lambda sensor heater
LSL linear lambda sensor
LSOL lambda sensor open loop
LST last
LTC load transient correction
LV logic variables data
MAF mass air flow
MAFM mass air flow meter
MAIN main
MAN manual
MAP manifold air pressure
MASL mask
MASS mass
MAT mathematical
MAX maxiumum
MC main controller
MCL missing cap lamp
MCPS magnetic crank shaft position sensor
MDL model
MEC mechanic
MEM memorise
MES measured
MF fuel mass (diesel)
MFF mass fuel flow
MIL malfunction indication light
MILM malfunction indication light memory
MIN minumum
MIS misfire
MISS missing
MMV moving mean value
MOD mode
MON monitoring
MON2 copy of process monitoring
MOSE model series
MOT motor
MOVE movement
MPG mapping
MPH Miles per hour
MPL Multiple
MSG message
MSR deceleration slip control
MST master
MSW multifunctional steering wheel
MT Manual transmission
MTC main throttle control
MTCPWM PWM-signal of MTC
MU monitoring unit
MUX multiplexer
MV mean value
MWSS magnetic wheel speed sensor
N engine speed
NACK no acknowlege
NAME name
NAT natural
NC no calibrated data
NEG negative
NEUT neutral
NEW new
NF natural frequency
NL noise level
NLC non calibratible logical constant
LOISE noise
NOT not …
NR number
NT NOX trap
NTL NOX trap loading
NTLD NOX trap loading degree
NULL null
NVMY non volatile memory
O2 oxygen
O2L ogygen loading
OND on board diagnosis
ONS observe
OC open circuit (hardware)
OCT octal power stage (ATM 39)
OFF off
OFS offset
OIL oil
OK ok
OLD old
ON on
OP opening period (diesel)
OPEN open
OPL open loop
OPM operating mode
OPP operating mode
OPT optional
OPTM optimum
ORNG out of range
OS operating system
OSC oscillate
OUT output
OV output value
OVB overboost
OVER over
OVF overflow
OVS oversteering
P proportional part of PID
PAR parity
PARK park
PAS passive
PAT pattern
PCD pressure control device
PCTL pre-control
PCU pump control unit (diesel)
PCV high pressure pump pressure control valve
PER period
PERC per cent
PGAS gas pressure
PHA Phase
PHY physical
PIA parallel interface adapter
PIN pin
PL part load
PLAUS plausible
PM puls modulator
PN park neutral
POIL oilpressure
PONCLOFA power on to closure offset angle ( diesel )
POP post operating phase
PORT port
POS positive
POST post
POTI potentiometer
POW power
PQ pressure quotient
PR positive response
FRED predicted
PRL preliminary
PRES present
PREV previous
PRG progression
PRI priority
PRIM primary
PRJ project
PROG programming
PROP proportional
PROT protection
PRS pressure
PS pump shaft ( diesel )
PSI flow rate
PSN position
PSTE Power steering
PTR pointer
PU pull
PUB pull begin
PUC pull fuel cutoff
PUE pull end
PULS pulsation
PUR pull reduction
PV pedal value
PVS pedal value sensor ( diesel )
PVSL permanent vehicle speed limiter
PWL power latch
PWM pulse width modulation
PWR power supply
QC quantified charge
QF fuel quantity (diesel)
QGAS gas quality
QOIL Oil quality
QOILOWM Oil quality PWM
QPS Quad power stage (ATM 36 oder ATM 38)
QUO quotient
R Resistance
RA general gas constant
RAA run away avoidance
RAE reactivation acceleration enrichment
RAF ratio of AFR
RAMP ramp
RAS Radiator shutter
RATE rate
RATIO ratio
RAW raw value
RCV receive
RD read
RE rear
REAC reactivation
READY readiness identification
REC record
RED reduction
REF refrence
REFU refuel
REINF reinforce
REL relative
REQ request
RESI residual
RESP response
REST restart
RESU resume
REV revolution
RFL reactivation full load
RFP recirculation flap
AFPPWM recirculation flap PWM
RFU returnless fuel system
RG residual exhaust gas
RGL regular
RGN regeneration
RHO density
RI right
RIS reactivation idle speed
RISE rising
RLS release
RLV relevant
RLY relay
RND random
RNG range
ROLL rolling
ROM read only memory
RON reseach octane number
ROG reprograming
RPL reactivation part load
RPU reactivation pull
RR rough road
RS reed switch
AST reset
RT runtime
RTD retard
RUL running losses
RUN running (working)
RVL reversing light
RWUP rich warm up
S stratified
SA secondary air
SAF secondary air flow
SAM siemens application and mesurement system
SAMPLE sample
SAMS smas
SAP secondary air pump
SAPPWM secondary air pump PWM
SAS safety cut off
SAV secondary air valve
SAVE save
SAVPWM secondary air valve PWM
SAWUP secondary air warm up
SC supercharged
SCA Scale
SCB short circuit brush
SCC single cylinder cut off (MSR)
SCG short circuit ground
SCHA supercharger
SCP short circuit plus
SDL scheduler
SDR status diagnostic result
SDWN shift down
SECU secutiry
SEED seed
SEG segment
SEL selective
SEM successive error management
SENS sensor
SEQ sequential
SER serie
SERVO servo
SET set
SF status flag
SFC short fuel circulation
SFT sensor frequency time
SHD shield
SHIFT shift
SIF ariel interface
SIG signal
SIM simulation
SLAVE slave
SLIP slip
SLM Smoke limitation (diesel)
SLOP slope
SLOW slow
SLV solenoid valve
SND send
SO2 sulpher dioxide
SO2P desulfuration st
SOA start of air
SOIL start of injection
SOIL oil sensor signal
SOP start of pumping (diesel)
SOV shut off valve of evap function
SP setpoint
SPARE spare
SPI serial peripheral interface
SPR spring
SRC source
ST starting
STAB stability
STALL stalling
STAT stationary
STATE state
STB stanby
STC statistic
STC storage capacity
STD standard devaition
STE start enable
STEP step
STK stroke
STND standardization
STOP stop
STP stepper motor
STR starter relais
SUB substitude
SUBT subtractive
SUM sum
SUP shift up
SUPP suppress
SUSP suspicion
SVL service vehicle light
SW software
SWI switch
SWT sensor switching time
SUM symptom
SYN synchro
SYS system
T time
TAC after catalyst tempature
TACE evaporative temp. air conditioning
TAM ambient temperature
TAR target
TBA boost air temperature (diesel)
TBAT battery temperature
TBL table
TC throttle control
TCC test cycle counter
TCI coolent temperature in
TCO coolent temperature
TCOPWM coolent temp. PWM
TCS traction control system
TCSPWM traction control system PWM
TCU time control unit
TCYL cylinder air temp
TD time dwell
TDC top dead center
TEG exhaust gas temp.
TEGR EGR temp.
TEMP temperature
TEST test
TFU fuel temp.
TGAS gas temp.
TGT tightness
TH thermostat
THD threshold
THE theroritical
THEAT heater temperature
THERMO thermo
THM thermic inertia of the engine
THR throttle
TI injection time
TIA intake air tempature
TIP tip
TIPO post injection time
TLPR pre injection time
TIT titanium
TLDP tank leakage detection pump
TLDV tank leakage detection valve
TMAG coil temperature of magnetic valve IVVT
TMP temporary
TNT temperature NOX trap
TOG toggle
TOIL oil temp
TOILPWM oil temp PWM
TOL top limit
TOOTH tooth
TORS torsion
TOT total
TOUT time out
TPC pre catalysator temp
TPS throttle position sesnor
TPSPWM throttle position sensor PWM
TQ torque
TQB braking torque
TQD driving torque at clutch
TQDW torque at driving wheels
TQE effective engine torque
TQFR friction torque
TQI indicated engine torque
TQPWM torque OWM
TQR torque reduction (MSR)
TQZ zero driving torque
TRA transient
TRAN transition
TRANS transmission
TRCOM trip computer signal
TREAT treatment
TRIG trigger
TRIP trip related parameter
TRM transmit
TRO trouble
TRT total running time
TSCHA air temperature supercharger
TSLIP traction slip
TUR turbine
TURB turbulence
TYP type
USE update
V compler switch
VAC voltage
VAL valuated
VALUE value
VAP vapor
VAR varient
VB battery-voltage
VCC supply voltage
VCV high pressure pump volume control valve
VEH vehicle
VEL velocity
VEPU venturi pump
VERS version
VIC variable intake control
VIM variable intake manifold
VIRT virtual
VLD valid
VLFT valve lift
VLS lambda sensor voltage
VLSL linear lambda sensor voltage
VO valve overlap
VOL volume
VP pumping voltage
VPROG programming voltage
VS vehicle speed
VST vehicle stopped
VVL variable valve lift
VVSL variable vehicle speed limiter
VVSLS variable vehicle speed limiter switch
VVT variable valve timing
VVTPWM PWM signal of VVT
WAIT wait
WAL warning lamp
WARN warning
WF wall film
WG wastegate
WFPWM wastegate pulse width modulation
WHEEL wheel speed
WIN window
WIND windscreen
WKU wake up
WKUL wake up line
WORD word
WORK work
WOUT without
WR write
WUO warm up
ZR zirconium