Siemens MS43 Extended Load Limit

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Siemens MS43 normally has a load limit of 1389mg per stroke which is more than enough for all NA and most boosted applications.

Although, when using small or very efficient turbochargers you can easily exceed this limit in the mid engine speed area, or with a big compressor housing even at higher engine speeds.

Reaching the load limit is VERY dangerous and causes the ECU to enter an unstable state or even to reset. You don't want this to happen at high boost and the engine spinning 7000rpm.

Therefore we created a special binary with an extended load limit of 2778mg per stroke.

At the moment, there is no check if you flash a normal load partial file to an ECU runnning the extended load code, so make sure you know what you're doing.

Because it takes a lot of time to create these binaries, there is currently only a M54B30 EU4 left hand drive file.

The well known MAF hack for 2048kg/h is already included and does not need to be patched manaully.

Warning: This file is only compatible with the matching XDF for changing maps and ADX for logging downloadable below.

Under no circumstances use the load extend full flash with a partial of the stock files!


Sample Screenshot

Siemens MS43 Extended Load Logging.png