TunerPro MS42 Community Patchlist

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TunerPro offers a very good method of editing flash files with its "Patch" function.

We used this feature to create an "All-In-One" solution for editing engine displacement independant functions, like EWS or checksum delete.

Currently the amount of functions is very limited because MS42 developement needs more attention.

This is only compatible with the MS42 0110C6 software version.

Download it here: Siemens_MS42_0110C6_Community_Patchlist.xdf

MS4X MS42 0110C6 Community Patchlist.png

ECU Information

This section shows the first entry of the user information fields (UIF), the ECU number, the ISN and most important the softwareversion.

Please keep in mind, that the show UIF values does not necessarely have to be true, as some dealership did not write the UIF section after updating the ECU during service.

  • UIF Vehicle Identification Number
  • UIF Software Number
  • UIF Service Number
  • UIF Assembly Number
  • ECU Number
  • ISN Value
  • Softwareversion

ECU Information

Immobilizer Bypass

[PATCH] Immobilizer Bypass - Disables the EWS / immobilizer checks of the ecu

[PATCH] Clear Immobilizer Data - Clear all EWS / immobilizer related data to realign the ECU with EWS module via INPA. Requires bootmode flash!

Checksum Bypass

[PATCH] Checksum Bypass - Disables both checksums for the calibration data section

MAF Sensor Hack

[PATCH] MAF Sensor Hack 2048kg/h

  • id_maf_tab - MAF sensor table 1x256
  • id_maf_tab - MAF sensor table 16x16

This patch doubles the airflow capability of the MS43 to 2048kg/h. Use one of the two id_maf_tab tables to edit MAF sensor scale.