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Just like humans, when the rats were given Blood Sugar Premier the opportunity to stuff themselves with high fat, tasty treats, they were more than happy to do so. The rats were given some of our favorite foods such as bacon, sausage, chocolate and our most favorite, cheesecake, and like obese humans, quickly became dependent on them.

This study added to the claims, that excess food intake triggers changes in the brain, which creates shifts that develop into chemical dependency traits in the eater. Just like other addictions, which include drugs and alcohol, over eating also enables the release of dopamine, the feel good chemical in the brain.

When this reaction arrives to us through over eating, we eventually become dependent on that specific food providing us with that 'high'. In order to see how over eating can affect the brain's reward center, researchers implanted stimulating electrodes in the rats brains. The researchers were able to monitor how the rats reward threshold levels changed when they were given the opportunity to overeat.