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Remember the Grapefruit Diet? It's been out Cinderella Solution since the eighties, but the Lemonade diet is currently in vogue. One of the major problems those of us around me had with the Grapefruit Diet was cost and availability. It came to West Virginia in wintertime, and the tropical trees don't grow there.

What about the low carb craze? When that first started several years ago, restaurants didn't post carbohydrate numbers on the menu. I watched friends of ours puzzle over which dishes had the least carbohydrates before they'd order anything. For some people, low carb diets are ideal, but they have to be designed with care and are not for everyone.

I spent some time on what my brother calls the Gerbil Diet. That was not a good diet. I ate mostly lettuce and other vegetables that are adored by rodents, and usually in amounts similar to what they would eat. That is a really bad idea.