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Here is an overview of connectors used in the engine harness or aftermarket upgrades.

Feel free to add partnumbers if you find them useful.

BMW M54 MAF Sensor

3-pin Junior Mini Timer 2.8mm

Plug: 12521427222 (BMW)

Pin: 12521427612

Cover: 12521707749

Pin 1 M_HFM (Sensor Ground)
Pin 2 A_HFM (MAF Signal Output)
Pin 3 U_HR (+12V Voltage Input)
BMW M54 Throttlebody

Plug: 1J0973713 (VAG) / 12527505669 (BMW)

Socket: 3B0973813 (VAG)

Pin 1 A_DKG1 (Potentiometer 1)
Pin 2 U_DKG (Sensor Supply Voltage +5V)
Pin 3 T_MDK1 (Actuator 1)
Pin 4 A_DKG2 (Potentiometer 2)
Pin 5 T_MDK2 (Actuator 1)
Pin 6 M_DKG (Sensor Ground)
BMW B58 Thottlebody (13548623324)

The B58 throttlebody adapts perfectly with the MS43 and can therefore be used incase anyone wants to use B58 manifold.

Plug: 12527635615 (BMW)

Pins: 61138600419 (BMW)

Pin 1 T_MDK1 (Actuator 1)
Pin 2 T_MDK2 (Actuator 2)
Pin 3 A_DKG1 (Hall Sensor 1)
Pin 4 M_DKG (Sensor Ground)
Pin 5 U_5V_1 (Sensor Supply Voltage +5V)
Pin 6 A_DKG2 (Hall Sensor 2)
BMW B58 TMAP Sensor (13628637900)

Plug: 18302411427 (BMW) (8 509 441-02)

AliExpress: 7549032-02

Pin 1 A_TNDK (Temperature Signal After Throttlebody)
Pin 2 U_5V_2 (Sensor Supply Voltage +5V)
Pin 3 M_PNDK (Sensor Ground)
Pin 4 A_PNDK (Absolute Pressure Signal After Throttlebody)
Audi RS4 MAF Sensor (0280218067)

Plug: 1J0973775A (VAG)

Socket: 1J0973824 (VAG)

Pin 1 IAT Sensor Output
Pin 2 +12V Voltage Input
Pin 3 Common Ground
Pin 4 +5V Input Voltage
Pin 5 MAF Sensor Output