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Here we will show data logging of the ECU with TunerPro RT which is the payed version of TunerPro.

Compared to other logging applications it has some useful features, like live table tracing, history tables and also 'pure packet logging' which we will explain later on.

We suggest you buying a licence after testing, because it works well and also TunerPro was the basis of all MS43 developement back when we started.

If you want to read more about the DS2 Logging Protocol check our this: BMW DS2 Serial Protocol


Please make sure to fulfill all the following requirements to successfully connect to your Siemens ECU and use the full potential of TunerPro RT:

90° angled USB extension cords are a good add-on if you want to have your computer sit next to you on the passenger seat.

Ensure that your USB port makes a solid connection to prevent failures.

Configuring Tuner Pro RT


First step is to configure TunerPro RT the way you need. Therefor it's good to have an organized workplace with all the files in one place.

TP Logging 01 Workplace.png

Load files

After opening Tuner Pro RT, load all the files. You can simply drag & drop them into the main window.

Under settings you configure the COM port for your K-Line interface. See following screenshot for details.

TP Logging 02 Configuration.png

Logging Views / Connection

Then you have to chose what views you will open and click the "Connect" button, to initiate a connection to your ECU.

Attention: The high speed logger definitions need to connect before engine startup as the ECU blocks the baudrate switching command when the engine is already running.

TP Logging 03 Logging Views Enabled.png

List of views:

  • Show data dashboard (dashboard with widgets, good for tablet use)
  • Show data lists (a list of all logged items)
  • Show data history tables (like matrix tables matching the corresponding maps in the binary)
  • Show data monitors (monitoring line graph over time)

Hint: With [CTRL]+[F8] you can dock/undock the currently active view-tab. This is very useful when analyzing logs on a multi monitor setup.