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You need some way to read and write files to the ECU. In order to do a full write, the ECU will need to be placed into Bootmode or you use the MSS5x Flasher and a INPA / K-Line capable USB to OBD2 adapter.

Some cheap china INPA cables don't work without modifying them. You have to short Pin 7&8 of the OBD2 plug from your cable to get them working correctly.

Bootmode can be achieved by removing the ECUs enclosure and grounding pin 24 of the 29F400 chip for approximately 6 seconds on startup

You will need the following connections to properly power up the DME while on the bench.

There are several different wirings to use, but we have found that this is the least amount of wires needed for a properly working setup:

BMW MS 43 Pinout Description.png

Sometimes, using the K-Line connector on plug X60001 Pin 3 doesn't work, in that case you have to use X60004 Pin 25.

There are two different CAN bus interfaces on the MS43, one for the TCU located on plug X60002, and one for all other modules like ABS, ASC/DSC, instrument cluster, steering angle sensor located on plug X60004.

For the complete pinout of every connector on the MS43 visit Siemens MS43 Pinout.

Link to Youtube which explains what to do:


The acronyms are Siemens mapnames from the Funktionsbeschreibung.

The following list contains a selection of the most used terms. It's crucial to understand at least the major engine states like _is_, _pl_ and _fl_ to make sense out of the cryptical naming of the maps.


Enginestate Description
as after start
cs cold start
es engine stopped
fl full load
is idle speed
pl part load
pu trailing throttle
puc trailing throttle fuel cut-off
r restart
st start