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Launch Control

TunerPro launch control maps

Setting up LC:

Set the following maps in TunerPro:

Configuration Launch Control

  • Launch_PVS_min (i suggest to set this switch over 50% and UNDER 70%. Anything different may lead to non-working LC)
  • Launch_TCO_min (and this to "-48" )
  • Launch_RPM_max
  • Launch_VS_max (set to "1")

Using LC:

  1. Make sure coolant temp is equal or above the threshold and ASC/DSC is turned off
  2. Depress the clutch pedal
  3. Put car into first gear
  4. Floor the accelerator pedal! (At least that °PVS matches the threshold!)
  5. Engine speed should bounce at chosen rpm setpoint. There may be offset which engine speed bounces, like +/- 200rpm
  6. Release clutch pedal while holding accelerator pedal down.
  7. Engine speed will be reduced until vehicle speed exceeds chosen threshold (currently not working!)

Engine RPM setting may be adjusted according to road conditions/tire setup, in order to minimize wheel spin.

For additional aggressiveness set "c_n_max_hys_max" to 32 or 64, then LC is much less bouncy

Example video:

Alternative for non working LC

LC fix Brakeswitch.jpg

Map reduction "fewmaps"

The _fewmaps file reduces the number of used maps to the following ones:

  • Injection
    • Idlespeed: ip_ti_tco_1_is_ivvt__n__maf
    • Part load: ip_tib__n__maf
    • Full load:
  • Ignition
    • Idlespeed: ip_igab_is__n__maf
    • Part- & full loadip_igab__n__maf
    • Idle speed: IP_CAM_SP_tco_1_IN_IS / IP_CAM_SP_tco_1_EX_IS
    • Part load: IP_CAM_SP_tco_1_IN_PL / IP_CAM_SP_tco_1_EX_PL
    • Full load: IP_CAM_SP_tco_1_IN_FL / IP_CAM_SP_tco_1_EX_FL

This is great for finding basemaps.