Siemens MSV70

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The Siemens MSV70 is basically an MS45.1 with added Valvetronic support for the N52 engine. It has a pretty similar brother ECU, the MSS70 which powers the S54 in E85/E86 cars.

Flashing software

  1. BTS MSV70 Quickflash Fully working flasher for MSV70 that can read and write tune area and full flashes. It can also delete EWS/CAS, bypass RSA, read or clear DTCs & adaptations:
  2. MSV70 Flasher by hassmaschine & TerraPhantm, see here for information:
  3. BimTun BimmerFlasher - First Android flashing utility for MS41-MSV70 Siemens ECUs
  4. BDM - Requires you to remove the DME from the car and have a bench setup with a laptop.